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AVIC is the leading company in Vietnam specializing in supplying and installing robots in industrial plants. With 10 years of experience, solutions proposed by AVIC bring high efficiency to customers. All projects have a fast payback period, mostly from 18 months to 2 years. Although the labor costs are higher, the price of the robot has been decreasing, so the application of robots not only helps to increase labor productivity, modernize the factory but also reduces production costs and increases competitiveness. Product of the customer. Some areas of AVIC have successfully applied robot and are highly appreciated by customers such as:

  • Heavy work such as loading and unloading in brick factories or boring jobs such as packing in food factories, soft drinks ...
  • The products need quality consistency such as grinding ba-via casting details, polishing the stamping parts ...
  • Hazardous work such as painting, coating ...
  • Welding products are high in quality and aesthetics
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